Getting Started with Your Personal Replica

Personal Replicas allow you to train a new Replica of a human using the Phoenix model, from just 2 minutes of training data. Personal Replicas take between 9-12 hours to train, and are available on all plans except for Starter.

Create a Replica via the UI (Developer Portal)

You can create a Replica via the Developer Portal. Navigate to the Replicas tab in our portal. Here, you’ll be able to record in app or upload footage to create a new Replica.

Create a Replica via the API

Are you interested in using the API? See details about our API here.

  • Record Footage: Have around 2 minutes of video ready following the below guidelines.
  • API Key: Make sure you have a valid API key
  • Upload Footage: Your recording should be hosted on a storage location like S3, should be publicly accessible / URL presigned, and the access should be valid for at least 24 hours to ensure the model has access.
  • API Reference: Refer to the replica creation reference to submit your model for training.

Recording Your Training Footage

Your journey to creating a personal Replica begins with a simple requirement: a two-minute video of you engaging with the camera. There is no predefined script beyond the consent statement, you can discuss anything that showcases your natural speaking style and expertise.

Tips for Success

Our platform simplifies the first step. Use your webcam through the developer portal to capture the essence of your persona. Achieving the best possible Replica involves attention to detail. Here’s how:

  • Do: Utilize high-definition recording equipment, ensure proper lighting, and maintain focus on your face and upper body. Aim for a quiet, well-lit setting, and speak naturally. See more in Best Practices & Examples.
  • Don’t: Wear clothes that blend with the background, bulky accessories, or any headwear that obscures your face. Keep your gaze steady, minimize background distractions, and avoid excessive movement.

Here’s an example of high quality training footage:

An integral part of the process involves reading specific authorization phrases. This step confirms your consent and kicks off the Replica creation process.

“I, [FULL NAME], am currently speaking and consent Tavus to create an AI clone of me by using the audio and video samples I provide. I understand that this AI clone can be used to create videos that look and sound like me.”

  • Currently, all consent passages submitted to Tavus must be English in order to be approved.

See Consent Statement for more information. The consent statement can be customized as part of Business and Enterprise plans.

How to Act

  • Gaze: Keep eye level with the camera, maintain relatively stable eye contact.
  • Gesturing: Avoid crossing your hands in front of your face and limit gestures.
  • Tone: Aim for an upbeat tone to keep the content positive and engaging.
  • Mistakes: Perfection in reading the script isn’t required. Continue naturally if you stumble.
  • Lips: Close your lips during pauses (the script will remind you of this).

Recording Format

If you are uploading training footage, it’s important that it is in the correct format:

  • Format and Quality: MP4 format is required, with a resolution up to 4K and a size limit of 750 MB. NOTE: Tavus accepts up to 4k for resolution, however more common webcam resolutions (such as 720p/1080p) are also known to produce excellent replicas.

  • Content Authenticity: Provide unedited, raw footage for the most genuine Replica creation.

Train in English to Generate in Other Languages

We highly recommend the full training to be done in English. This does not prohibit future videos from being created in a language of your choosing!

Training Time & Next Steps

Your replica will be processed in the background upon submission. This process will take around 9-12 hours, and you’ll be notified via a callback (API requests only) or via email. If you’re not happy with your personal replica, be sure to contact us.