When training the Phoenix model with Tavus, the size of your training video plays a crucial role in the processing time and success rate of your model training. To facilitate a smooth and efficient training process, adhering to the recommended video size guidelines is essential.

The Tavus platform accepts training videos up to 750 MB in size. This limitation is based on our observations of optimal balance between video quality and processing efficiency.

File Size Considerations

  • Processing Efficiency: Smaller file sizes typically result in faster upload times and more efficient processing, reducing the overall time required for model training.
  • Success Rate: Although Tavus will attempt to process larger files up to the 750 MB limit, we cannot guarantee successful processing for all large files. Staying within the recommended size increases the likelihood of a smooth training experience.
  • Quality Preservation: It’s important to balance file size with video quality. Compressing your video to reduce its size should not significantly compromise its resolution, frame rate, or audio quality, as these factors are critical for training a high-quality Phoenix model.

Tips for Reducing Video File Size

  1. Compression: Use video compression tools to reduce file size without substantially affecting quality.

Currently, the H.264 codec is required by Tavus to ensure efficient compression.

  1. Resolution Adjustment: Consider reducing the video resolution if it’s higher than necessary. For most training purposes, a resolution of 1080p (1920x1080) is sufficient.
  2. Trimming: Remove any unnecessary footage from the beginning and end of your training video to reduce its duration and size.
  3. Frame Rate: Lower the frame rate slightly if it’s higher than 30 frames per second. Reducing the frame rate can decrease the file size without significantly impacting the video’s appearance.


Adhering to the recommended training video size not only ensures efficient processing and higher success rates but also contributes to a smoother model training experience. By optimizing your video file size while maintaining quality, you can achieve the best outcomes from your Phoenix model training with Tavus.