For the creation of any digital replicas using the Phoenix model, Tavus requires a clear, verbal consent statement to be included within the training video. This measure is crucial for ethical considerations and compliance with data protection regulations. Instances where this consent statement is missing can lead to processing delays or the inability to create your AI clone.

Every training video submitted for Phoenix model training must include the following consent statement, spoken by the individual being replicated:

“I, [FULL NAME], am currently speaking and consent Tavus to create an AI clone of me by using the audio and video samples I provide. I understand that this AI clone can be used to create videos that look and sound like me.”

Key Points:

  • Personalization: Replace “[FULL NAME]” with your actual full name.
  • Clarity: The statement must be clearly audible and understandable.
  • Placement: This consent should be at the beginning of your training video to ensure correct processing.
  • Language: Currently, all consent passages submitted to Tavus must be English in order to be approved.

If you have submitted a training video without the requisite consent statement, it will not be processed, and your request to create a digital replica will be delayed. To resolve this issue:

  1. Re-Record Your Video: Include the consent statement at the beginning of your new training video.
  2. Submit a New Request: Upload the revised video and submit a new model training request through the Tavus Developer Portal or via API, as applicable.
  • Environment: Record in a quiet setting to ensure the consent statement is clearly heard.
  • Articulation: Speak slowly and clearly, articulating each word to prevent any misunderstandings.
  • Verification: Review your video before submission to verify that the consent statement is correctly included and easily audible.


Including a consent statement in your training video is a critical step in the Phoenix model training process with Tavus. It not only ensures compliance with ethical standards and legal requirements but also facilitates a smoother and faster processing of your digital replica creation request. Ensure you follow the guidelines provided to avoid any unnecessary delays in your project.